L’any 2013 es va celebrar la primera exposició ‘Corbrevolution’ a la Sala d’Exposicions de l’Estudi Judith Vizcarra de Mollet del Vallès. Una quarentena d’obres del Dr. Corb repassaven l’actualitat política i social del país. Centenars de visitants, que van deixar les seves ressenyes al llibre de visites, van interaccionar amb aquesta primera mostra de l’obra més inicial de l’artista.

The Corbrevolution was the first exhibition of Doctor Corb where was exposed everything from painting, sculpture illustration. A space of freedom and vindication thought to share with all those who from birth three years ago have followed his career, you have been part of their campaigns and have promoted their ideas. Dr. Corb is a small part of what we carry with us and all those who have been brave to accept it had the opportunity to enjoy this another way of looking at the world.

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